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Our website template design service caters to people with the expertise to manage their own website code and development but require additional help to create an initial template to professional standards.

Key Features:

  1. Our pricing is straghtforward - only £149 per template.
  2. Our in-depth drafting and consultation process ensures you get the design you want.
  3. Our designs are of a very high standard both visually and in terms of functionality and search engine accessability.

Our developers and designers have years of experience working together to produce exceptional quality templates. In order to produce a template that meets your requirements and expectations we go through the following stages. 

1) Design Consultation

In this stage we discuss with you what your requirements are for your site design. We will send you an online questionnaire which gives us a rough idea of what you are looking for.

2) First Daft

Once we know roughly what you are looking for we will produce a first draft of your new site. With this we will also provide you a second questionnaire to get your feedback on the design. We will also arrange for a telephone call or face to face meeting so you can go over any other amendments you require.

3) Second to Fifth Drafts

We will go through up to five drafts of your template design in order to align our understanding of your requirements with your actual requirements. We find it most often requires two or three drafts to settle on a final design. Each stage of drafting is essentially the same as the first draft stage.

4) Template Construction

Once we have settled on a design our website developers will turn it into a working XHTML/CSS web page. We design our websites to work in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera, this covers 99.8% of web users. We also take into account scalability to different size screens, usability, disabled access and loading times to ensure that your template serves your website as well as possible.

5) Feedback

Once we have completed your template and provided you a copy of it our job is done but we are always looking for feedback on how to improve our service. Customer retention is an important part of our business plan so we take your satisfaction as a customer very seriously. 

To request a website design from us please go to our request a web design quote form.