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Hello and thank you for your interest in Pixeko Web Design.  We offer a complete package of services designed to allow new or existing businesses to expand online.  The internet has achieved unprecedented growth over the last decade compared to any other medium. The internet facilitates commerce, business administration, collaboration and entertainment. 

The package that we offer includes:

- Bespoke Website Design

Our website design team has decades of combined experience.  The website development process begins with our design department generating a template based on the feedback we receive from your questionnaire.  Once a first draft of the template has been completed, this will be sent to you.  This is your opportunity to become involved in the design process.  We want your input on how your website will look and behave.  Once we have this we will generate a second draft before asking for your input again.  Then we will generate a third and final template which our development department will then turn into a fully functional website.

- Content Writing Service

Once we have completed your design and your website is ready to use, our professional writers will generate your content for you.  Promotional language is an important aspect of your website.  It needs to sell your business to the customer.  Sending out the wrong message can cause more harm than good, so we’ll work closely with you to ensure your website reflects your company’s image, ethos and branding.

- Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is one of the most important services we offer.  To get the most business benefit from your website you need to appear on the first page of Google for the appropriate user searches.  We research your market for you and identify the most common searches made for products or services that your business offers.  We then use a range of techniques to ensure that your business is shown on the first page for these searches.  Appearing in Google search results is completely free and will drive a lot of traffic to your business.  SEO is a long term strategy which can take months to pay off, but once the right results are achieved, it is easy to maintain and will offer long term benefits to your business.  

In the past people would use specialist magazines, newspaper ads and the yellow pages to find a suitable business to provide the products or services they need.  Now people use search engines.  This is an ideal time for businesses in many industries to start expanding their business online.  By getting online before your competitors you ensure yourself a better search engine position, more traffic and more customers.

- Pay Per Click Marketing and Online Advertising

In order to give your website the best possible start, we will work with you to identify the best advertising mediums and our skilled technicians will set them up for you.  We have a lot of experience with Pay-Per-Click advertising and in most circumstances we can generate a profitable campaign.  This will bring in regular visitors to your site who are looking for the products or services you are offering.  Whereas SEO is a medium to long term strategy, PPC marketing is a short term strategy.  It essentially fills in the gap between launching your website and getting natural search engine presence.  If PPC marketing does not suit your business, we have experience with a range of advertising streams to suit every business and every budget.

- Nightly Backup and 24/7 Phone and Email Technical Support

Once your website is competed, your content is written, and your SEO and advertising strategies are in place we will configure a nightly backup system to ensure all of the hard work and investment that has been put into your business so far is safe.  Our backup system works in two ways.  It backs up your entire website on another server in the same building to protect against data loss or server failure.  This allows us to bring your website back online in minutes if there is a computer failure.  On top of this, it also backs up your entire website nearly 5000 miles away on our dedicated backup servers.  This ensures that under no circumstance can your website be lost or offline for more than a few hours in even the worst possible circumstances.  Our 24/7 email and telephone support means that we are always there to help you with any problems you have.

- Hosting

We provide the best priced hosting in its class.  Our state of the art LAMP servers are modern and responsive.  A website provided by us comes with 1 year free hosting. After the first year each month costs only £4.99.  You can have unlimited email addresses and email aliases, as many databases as you require.  There are a range of other features such as chat rooms, encryption, webmail and statistics software. 
- Detailed Visitor Statistics
Often business owners have no way of knowing whether people are even going on their website.  Each site we produce comes configured with Google Analytics. This statistical feedback provided by google analytics is essential for you to know how well your website is doing and to allow us to make improvements. With this information you can tell:
  • How many visitors you get every hour of every day
  • How long people stay on your site
  • Where your visitors come from
  • What pages are most popular
  • What web borwsers your visitors use
  • How loyal your customers are
  • How your visitors found your site
  • What visitor demographic is most likely to buy from you
  • A lot more, too much to list here!
detailed user statistics

Our Content Management System

content management system

We produce modern and stylish websites built on our bespoke content management system (CMS).  A content management system is a clever bit of software which allows you to add and change the content of your website.  The whole process is as easy as editing a Word document or updating your Facebook profile.  It puts you in control of your website.

We know that most businesses don’t have the time to learn the technical skills required to expand their business online. That’s why we have developed our own website software to make the process as easy as possible to maintain and update your pages.

When we develop your website we will give you a username and password allowing you to log in to the administration area of your website and make any changes you need.

Our CMS is so simple to use we haven't had any users report problems with it yet. If you require any extra help we provide 24/7 technical support to ensure that you are never held up while managing your online business. Our skilled support team all know all our software tools inside out and will be able to either answer your questions immediately or arrange a call back at a time to suite you from another member of our team.

 Our CMS also allows you to:

•    Add multimedia content to your site
•    Collect your visitors email addresses and send them newsletters
•    Add customisable contact forms to any page
•    Customise the layout of any page
•    Give limited access to your administration area to your staff
•    Manage how your site is displayed on search engines
•    Submit your new content to search engines automatically

To get you started we provide two hours of introductory training.  This should be more than sufficient to get you on your feet; we have found that it rarely takes more than half an hour for our customers to figure everything out.  Our professional writers will write all the pages for you to get you started and can provide ongoing writing services.  It’s all incredibly easy; you just need to think of what you want to say to your new customers.
On top of all of the content management functions we also offer shopping cart functionality. Our shopping cart includes:

•    Support for multiple languages and currencies
•    Easy product and category administration
•    Support for multiple payment methods:

  - Credit/Debit cards
  - Paypal
  - Google Checkout
  - Cash on delivery/Cheques

•    Digital product delivery
•    Email marketing
We can customise your online shop to include any unique features required by your business. Our developers are experienced in making secure and effective ecommerce sites in a range of styles and suited to different levels of technical skill.

Website Advantages

Every other asset your business has such as a van, premises or staff should give it some advantage.  Your website is no different.  A website designed by us will allow you to communicate with your existing customers more effectively and most importantly, it will help you bring in new customers.

You’ll also have the option to sell all of your existing stock locally, nationally, or even globally online at a fraction of the cost of running a high street store or using conventional advertising methods.  You don’t need to learn any of the technical skills previously required for running a business online.  

We produce a website that works like an automated sales platform; this does all the hard work for you, allowing you to concentrate on your business.  Your customers can place orders directly through your site via any payment method.  All you have to do is package and deliver your new orders.  We can help you sell all your products online using easy to learn administration tools, and we can help you arrange for regular collections with Royal Mail or Parcelforce.

The businesses in many industries make little or no use of the internet to expand their business. If your business is in one of these industries then this opens up a great opportunity for your business to capture an entire sector of your market.

Military Career Guides is a website we developed recently which has turned over more than £5000 in its first 6 months and makes a profit of over 600% on its advertising budget.  It has also grown considerably in its search engine presence allowing it to become less reliant on paid advertising.

website growth

The sales process, marketing campaigns and product delivery are all automated. This means the entire business can be run with only a couple of hours work a month.

The client paid £997 for this site which can be viewed at www.military-careers.co.uk.


How are we different?

What other companies tend to do is sell you a basic website which looks nice, but has no actual purpose.  Unless your website brings in customers, or gives your customers a way to purchase your products or find your business, there’s no real point in having it and you’re just wasting money.  A website that only provides your company address and phone number is no better than a business card, lost in a sea of other business cards.
Also, most other companies don’t offer search engine optimisation, so people won’t even be able to find your site using search engines.  80% of traffic is generated from search engines.  The problem is, without appearing at the top of search results, your site doesn’t serve as a marketing tool.  You simply won’t get the customers coming to you unless they can find you.  
Our search engine specialists have years of experience in generating free advertising.  What we do is optimise your website to improve your search ranking.  This gives your site a better web presence and more customers.
Our aim is to change the way people think about their company website.  It has to be more than just a page on the internet.  It has to stand out, bring customers to you and allow them to buy your product or service.  It should also allow them to communicate easily with you.  It needs continued support and attention to help it reach its maximum potential.  We’ve heard too many horror stories from people who have paid good money for websites only to be disappointed with the results.  That’s why we do things properly.

Our Questionnaire

We have made a short questionnaire for this information pack.  All you have to do is fill in the form at the website address below and we will contact you shortly.  There’s no cost and no obligation.


After that, we can arrange a personalised consultation and quote.  This will provide enough information to address the requirements of your business and get the ball rolling on creating your new website.  We can typically deliver your new website within 7-10 working days.

Remember that with our ongoing 24/7 technical support hotline you are never on your own.  Any questions, feedback or problems you have will be dealt with in a fast and courteous manner.  Our support team know how important our customers are to our business and can transfer your calls through to the relevant expert straight away or arrange a call back at a time that’s suitable for you.

If you have any further questions you can give us a call now on:

02071 933 919

To request a website design from us please go to our request a web design quote form.