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Business Card Design and Printing

At pixeko try to make our business cards stand out from the rest. There are a lot of people that design business cards. We like to think at pixeko that our business cards are the best out there as we take great care and time designing to your standards. We use a multi stage drafting process to ensure your input is taken into account and you get the business cards you want. We are local in Thanet and we have a many customers that love designs and branding we have produced for them.

Pixeko not only handles the design side of things, we also handle the printing side as well. Our printing is guaranteed cheaper than any high street printing on offer. The standard of printing is exceptional, the turnaround is fast and everything is sourced in an enviromentally responsible fashon using recycled materials wherever possible.

We offer a range of printing options from 150gsm to 400gsm, single sided or double sided, gloss or matt and full colour or 1/2 tone.

Pixeko Design involves you in every decision stage of the process to ensure you get the business cards you want. We are here to help you design and print your business cards quickly. Our talented online designer will work with you to make the best looking buesness cards around.

For more information call:

01843 851 077