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Shop Sign Design

As part of our expanding print and graphic services we now offer shop sign design. We have a highly skilled graphic artist in our team to handle your project; so we will not only produce your job to the highest standards but we also include you in the process, every step of the way, to ensure you get the shop front design you want.

At Pixeko we provide the complete solution for companies looking to really stand out from their competitors.

Our prices for all our products remain highly competitive; we provide a multi-stage drafting process and we handle the whole process from concept to fitting.

For four years Pixeko have been the first choice for customers who need to stand out from the crowd. Building identities, raising profiles and getting you noticed is at the core of everything we do.

Professionally produced signage can seriously boost your overall image, and tell customers what you really want them to know. Pixeko utilise the latest materials and techniques to give you complete control and flexibility, from initial concept production to instalation.

If it’s worth saying it's worth professional design.

For more information call:

01843 851 077